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CATERING PLATTERS FOR                                                FIVE     OR      TEN PEOPLE

MEDITERRANEAN CROSTINI TASTING PLATTER               45                  90

(15/30 PC)

Olive oil toasts topped with:

*Crushed tomato – olive oil

*Eggplant – basil – sun dried tomatoes

*Bresaola – goat cheese – black olives

*Shrimp – avocado – tomato

*Bell pepper – goat cheese

MEAT AND CHEESE CROSTINI PLATTER (15/30 PC)            45                 90

Prosciutto, Bresaola, Brie

ITALIAN CURED MEAT PLATTER                                            n/a                115

Platter of selected Italian cured meats including prosciutto di Parma, smoked speck,

bresaola, sopressata served with fig jam, olive tapenade and toasted bread.

MEDITERRANEAN CHEESE PLATTER                                  n/a                 120

Platter of selected Mediterranean cheese including pecorino (sheep), gorgonzola (cow)

brie (cow), parmiggiano reggiano (cow), jarlsberg (cow), crotonese (sheep) served

with fig jam and olive tapanade.

MEDITERRANEAN CURED MEAT & CHEESE                         n/a                 150

Tasting of selected Mediterranean cured meats and cheeses including bresaola, speck,

prosciutto, baked ham, fontina, parmesan, pecorino, and brie served with figs ham,

olive tapende and toasted bread.

MEDITERRANEAN VEGETABLES PLATTER                            70                    95

Eggplant, baked tomato, zucchini, mushrooms, onions, roasted peppers served with

toasted bread





ASSORTED TARTINE PLATTER (10 pcs)                                   35                  n/a

An assortment of open faced tartine:

*Shrimp, basil, avocado

*Chicken Salad

*Prosciutto, goat cheese

*Mediterranean vegetables

ASSORTED PANINI PLATTER (10 PCS CUT IN HALF)               85                    115

Assortment of paninis and piadines (see page 2 for choices)

PASTA TRAY                                                                                  40                      80

(See page 4 – Primi )

ASSORTED SEAFOOD PLATTER                                               150                    175

Broiled sea scallops, mini crab cakes, shrimp and mussels oreganata.

ASSORTED FOCACCIA                                                                30                     40

Thick pizza with assorted toppings.



CAESAR SALAD                                                                             35                   60

with chicken 2.5 additional per person

Romaine salad, garlic croutons, parmesan cheese, anchovies, cream dressing

MIXED GREEN SALAD                                                                   25                   50

with chicken 2.5 additional per person

Mesculin salad, tomatoes, balsamic dressing

SEAFOOD SALAD                                                                           50                    95

Calamari, clams, shrimp, octopus, celery, sweet red peppers marinated

in an extra virgin olive oil and white vinegar dressing.

SPECIALITY SALAD PLATTER ( 5PPL/10PPL)                     market price             M/P

(see page 2 for choices)

SEASONAL FRUIT PLATTER                                            $6 per person

DESSERT PLATTER ( ASSORTMENT )                            $5 per person


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